This company was envisioned to create a community, mindset, and lifestyle full of ambitious hardworking people that are hungry to create. People that are eager to create something, from nothing. That is why we felt that it was important to display different creators that share the same powerful mindset. We were able to talk in depth about different aspects of creating that are not typically publicly discussed.

It was also to allow people to get to know the person that is pushing out the content. You may love to see someones photography, but do you know much about who they are, or why they even started doing photography in the first place? Highlighting creators will allow their audience to learn more about them and their work on a personal level.

Creators constantly are creating and putting their work or business on display for others to see and hopefully really like. Now it's time to highlight them for who they actually are and not just highlight their work or business! All of these creators work very hard on their craft and deserve to be highlighted. We are very excited for you to see who we highlight next :)