How was Powerful Mind created?

Hi there! My name is Amaya Cartagena. I created this brand in hopes to encourage my fellow youth to pursue any ideas or grand thoughts that come to their minds. I knew I wanted to start a brand that was based around the idea of pursuing your dreams no matter how young you may be. I have many friends that are creative geniuses that live to create art, music, videos, photos and whatever other projects their heart desires. It is very inspiring to see such young and successful artists creating things that they love. I want these clothes to represent young creators and their powerful minds.

I used the term "Powerful Mind" quite often when talking to friends and family, so it was almost natural to use that as the name of my brand! The youth have such powerful minds without knowing it sometimes. The possibilities are endless. So when I envisioned my clothing brand it was an easy decision to work with my close friend Nasir Gladden. I was able to articulate with words what I wanted my design to look like and he (being a creative mastermind) was able to come up with the physical designs for the brand. I hired him as my creative director for this collection and the few other collections that are on the way. He was so amazing to work with! We continued to tweak each design until we came up with the perfect one for you! It was a process that took roughly 4 months.

I want this brand to be about representing the powerful creative youth. I would love to eventually take suggestions on new designs and collection. I want to know what concepts your beautiful minds are able to come up with and what you want to see next. This brand is for you. For example, the first collection was inspired by lightning and how much power it holds. Taking your suggestions could lead to giveaways and contests as well. I am very excited to see where this brand can take us! Thank you for all of the support.